White Pine Trees

At the entrance of the camp there was some Bamboo type shrubbery. It looked nice when it was green, but as soon as the first frost came the leaves turned brown and drab. In an effort to improve the appearance to the entrance to the camp, we whacked down the shrubs and planted 8 White Pine Trees. The recent snow makes a beautiful contrast with the trees.
For those of you that have never visited the camp, why don’t you make plans to visit and see the beautiful property God has provided. Give us a call and we will schedule a time.

The God of Creation!

This morning, Mrs. Fry went out to try to capture the beauty of God’s creation as the sun glistened through the icy trees and onto the frozen lake. She was not able to fully capture that beauty, but she did take this picture while she was out. I thought it was really neat. Can you identify the picture?