Opportunity to Help with Bunk Beds

Today Matt (with some extra help) worked on the bunk beds for two more cabins. Although it saves LOTS of money, it is a great deal of work. He starts with raw white cedar logs and has jigs for almost every step of the project, and the end product is beautiful. He is planning to continue working on the bunk beds again next Friday and Saturday (October 30 & 31) and could use lots of help. If you live within driving distance of Hellam in York County, he would appreciate your help. Lunch will be provided. If you can help one or both days, please call the Krapes at 717-757-6904

To God be the glory, great things He is doing

Although we were hoping to put another cabin or two under roof before winter, we are waiting on God to provide the finances. As Terry finished grading around the cabin on Monday, we were thinking that was the extent of the construction we could do for a while. On Tuesday, however, the Lord blessed with two significant financial blessings including a $5,000 gift. Those blessings will not finish this cabin, but it will allow us to get it under roof. To God be the glory, great things He is doing!