Online Registration

Over the next few months, we would like to improve our options for registering online. We are considering a couple good possibilities. For now, we have made the The Joyful Heart Seminar available for online registration. We encourage you to register for this seminar online at Even if you are unable to come to the Joyful Heart Seminar, you can set up an account and enter all your family information.
If you would like more information about the Joyful Heart Seminar, visit our Joyful Heart Page.  We are excited about having Debbie Herbster as our seminar speaker, and we are looking forward to a great day.

Camo Compound Bow

In addition to the flushing toilets for this summer, we are also adding some other “fun” activities.  This new camo compound bow has already arrived and will be a great addition to the archery range.