Air Conditioner & Log Chains

What, you might ask, do log chains have in common with an air-conditioned? I’m glad you asked.

It is very encouraging that God’s people continue to take a keen interest in God’s Work at Servant’s Heart . Within the last 10 days two different people made physical donations to camp.

One individual was at camp a few months ago and realized that we only had one log chain. One log chain for a home owner would be more than enough, but for a camp one is not sufficient.   Last week that individual donated four quality log chains and two chain binders.

Last week, another individual remembered our “wish list” from our spring newsletter and gave a very nice window air conditioner for the cabins. Now even the staff cabin can have air conditioning.

We are very thankful for the continued interest in God’s Work at SHCM.



If you have been at camp since last spring, you probably remember the huge swale along the road to the guy’s cabin area. Although the swale is a vital part of our storm water management plan, it is not very attractive. Through the generous donation of some friends of the camp, we were able to plant 12 White Pine Trees along that swale. The planting of the trees was a huge asset to the astetetics of the camp. We also planted a few conifer trees near the girl’s cabin area to provide some visual protect from the future playing field and sand volleyball court.