Great Idea

A friend of SHCM made a great suggestion. In his words:

I’ve been trying to support SHCM through AmazonSmile. However, I order stuff and forget to use smile when I check out. Amazon does not let you change an regular order to smile after you placed it, so invariably I end up NOT smiling about 5 minutes after I place an order.

Here’s what I did to fix this. I use an extension called Always Smile that redirects you to whenever you open an amazon page. Even if you find an Amazon product from a web-search, it will add smile in place of the www.

I have only been able to find extensions for Chrome and Firefox, but that covers almost 60% of the internet users.

Chrome Extension here:

If you use Firefox, Here is your link:

Thank you Jon for this great idea!

New Display

This is the first week we are using our new display. We used in earlier this week at the FBC missions conference and now at the KCEA conference. A special thank you to Josh Rodriguez for designing the display.