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I am glad you found our blog. As you can tell we have made some changes to our website, and the blog is no longer our home page. Many months ago, I made a note to do some updating to our website. Nathan is responsible for our music, audio, video, and website design. After his spring layoff, I was planning to add the website update to his lists of tasks. A few weeks ago, he talked to us about returning to Pohnpei to help the Arthurs in the Christian radio station immediately after his scheduled lay off from his job of delivering propane. He was in Pohnpei four years ago helping the Arthurs for several months. Both Mr. and Mrs. Arthur have significant health issues and his return for seven weeks would allow them to fly to a larger island for medical attention. Mr. Arthur also has a list of computer issues, and he is excited about the help Nathan can give him. Nathan is scheduled to leave in a few days and arrive back in Ramey a several days before staff training begins. While we will desperately miss his help to get ready for camp, we are excited about the opportunity to help the Arthurs in the radio ministry to the Micronesia Islands.

Now you understand. If you find issues with the new look of the website, it is because I did most of the updating. I did need to ask Nathan a few times for some help on how to do a couple things.

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