Congratulations North Hills Bible Church

This past Saturday, 13 teams were involved in Bible quizzing. The day started at 1:00 with each team randomly quizzing seven other teams. At 4:00 the top five teams began a double elimination playoff. At 5:00 the youth rally started which included games, skits, food, music, and preaching by Evangelist Ron Degarde. The evening rally also included the final few quizzes of the double elimination tournament.

The last two teams in the tournament were North Hills Bible Church and Harvest Bible Church. North Hills had already beat Harvest one time as we went into the final quizzes. Harvest, however, came back with a flurry and soundly defeated North Hills. They each had one loss and we went into the final quiz of the day. It was an exciting and very close quiz, but North Hills came out the victor. Congratulations to Andrew, Austin, Carlton, & Chris.

A special thanks to Pastor Anglea and the staff at First Baptist Church for hosting the rally. Everything was very well organized and they went “over and above” with the activities for the rally.

Improved Entrance

This was the first of our two scheduled work weekends for this spring, and it was a great week. The first family arrived on Tuesday and stayed until Saturday evening. Another father and son arrived on Wednesday and stayed until Friday evening. Seven folks from another church came for the day on Thursday and one of them stayed and worked all day Friday. On Saturday morning several other people arrived and helped with various projects.

We are so very thankful for the many projects that were accomplished around the property this week. The picture shows the driveway coming into the property. Many of you may remember that the driveway looked like a railroad cut with a bank of shale along the driveway. Last year we had widened the cut, but it was still not attractive. When the Clearfield County Conservation Office in conjunction with the PA DEP inspected the property recently, they suggested . . . no they recommended . . . no they specifically told us that we needed to remove the steep bank and stabilize the soil. Although we wanted to do that at some point in the future their directive took that job from a low priority to a high priority. This week after almost four days of work with the backhoe the steep bank is gone and the ground is seeded and mulched. It is a great improvement to the entrance to the camp.

The weather throughout the week ranged from a beautiful 70 degree day to a cold blustery day with snow showers (shown in the picture).