The title is not intended to any way diminish the significance of the information in this bog. It is simply stating that this great blessing is a repeat of the blessing of the last blog. Let me assure you that it is OK to have two back to back blessings. The challenges have come fast and furiously, so it is great to have the blessings interspersed.

This past Sunday evening, Riggles Gap Bible Church voted to add Servant’s Heart Camp to their family of missionaries. Riggles Gap has already supported the camp in many significant ways, but now we are “officially” one of their missionaries. It is a tremendous blessing and encouragement when a church considers Servant’s Heart Camp worthy of their moral, prayer, and financial support.


Last week, we received a call to let us know that we are part of a new family. No, we are not part of Pastor Hawes’ family (pictured above). But we have been included in the family of missionaries supported by Pastor Hawes and the folks at Temple Bible Church. TBC has already been a great blessing to us in many ways, but being one of their regular missionaries is an extra added blessing. Perhaps, we could call it “icing on the cake.” We are honored and humbled that TBC considers SHCM worthy of their moral, prayer, and financial support. It is a blessing!