Staff – Ready for Campers

Each year the campers are welcomed to camp by our staff dressed in costumes to match the theme for the year. This year our theme is “Hidden Treasure” and the two teams are Gold Diggers and Silver Seekers. The picture shows our staff dressed in their prairie outfits.

We have already had an incredible summer. Our first week was a teen week and it was exciting to see God working in hearts. We are currently in a junior week. Just tonight a 12 year old boy came to tell me that he had received Christ this afternoon. Wow, what a joy. Praise God.

Although I have not taken much time to blog recently, there is much happening at camp. Please continue to pray for God’s Work here in Ramey.


This past Saturday some very generous friends of the camp donated a full-sized van. This is SHCM’s first official camp vehicle. What a blessing! As you can see from the picture, we have already put it to use around the camp property. A vehicle doesn’t stay clean looking for long around here. This van will be used all the time. From hauling water and big balls, to driving staff to church on Sunday’s, it will be a huge asset. We are very grateful to have this vehicle and are so thankful for this helpful gift.