Dublin Mills

Just before one of the winter retreats in January, I went to the mailbox and found a $1,000 check from Dublin Mills. Because I was not familiar with the church, I did a bit of research and found that Brother Sam Stoey was the pastor, and his daughter was at camp last summer. Every month since January, we continue to receive significant checks from this church. In May, I had the opportunity to present the ministry at Dublin Mills. Pastor Stoey and his church selected this past Thursday, Friday, and Saturday as the dates for a mission trip to Servant’s Heart Camp. Throughout the three days there were almost 30 workers here from Dublin Mills. The group worked very hard and many significant tasks were accomplished throughout the weekend. Pastor Stoey was a great example of a very diligent worker throughout the weekend. Here he is on the John Deere tractor with his John Deere Shirt. Thank you Dublin Mills. You are a blessing.

A few other churches also joined Dublin Mills this past weekend. They were also a tremendous blessing. On Saturday, we had 48 people working on the property. It was a joy to see many jobs being completed.
If you would like to see pictures of the weekend click here.

Personal Blessing

Last summer after SHCM finalized the purchase of the 214 acres, Mrs. Fry and I began talking about the advantages of having ATVs on the property. After camp last summer, the staff gave us a generous gift to put toward a four wheeler. Since that time, we would put aside any “extra” money with the intent of purchasing an ATV. Many months ago, I began to pray that God would provide a four-wheeler with an open front so that Pat could use the four-wheeler while wear a skirt without sitting side-saddle. When we priced the open front four-wheelers, however, we discovered that they were way out of our price range. Recently, we saw a John Deere Buck with the open front advertised at a very good price. We were able to look at the unit the very next day. We bought the unit for less than 50% of its value and that was within our budget. God blessing was not because of my insignificant prayers, but because of His goodness. We serve a great God.

Already the unit has been a great blessing as Mrs. Fry runs errands, paints cabins, prepares food, and delivers snacks on both sides of the lake. To God be the glory.