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This Saturday, October 14 is the National Wear Your Servant’s Heart Camp Polo or T-Shirt Day.

Please take the time to read the details of this special day.

National Wear Your Servant’s Heart Camp Polo or T-Shirt Day is an official holiday of Servant’s Heart Camp declared by the senior staff of SHC 2022 and is not to be confused with any other national or federal holiday of the United States of America, Canada, Mexico, China, or the Soviet Union. NWYSHCPTD is not a federally recognized holiday and, therefore, no overtime pay will be awarded to any person working on this day because of its declaration as a holiday. No flag shall be placed at half-staff nor moment of silence taken because of this declaration. Wearing your polo or T-shirt in California may cause cancer and birth defects; cross the border and you will be fine. Servant’s Heart Camp will not be held responsible for any injuries or death related to the selfies taken with your polo. If injuries or death occur, talk to your doctor. Taking the trademarked title of NWYSHCPTD and ascribing it to another camp or organization is a crime and is punishable by up to three years of hard labor at SHC without pay and/or up to a $100,000 fine to be paid towards the SHC lodge. No fur-bearing animals, tropical fruits, endangered veggies, second-hand clothing, or relationships were intended to be harmed or discriminated against by the creation of this declaration. Happy National Wear Your Servant’s Heart Camp Polo or T-shirt Day!

A special thank you to David Smith, for taking care of the legal ramifications of this special day!

Last year was our first year for NWYSHCPTD. At that point, I did not fully realize the significance of this special day, and I did not save all the pictures that we received. I did find some for your enjoyment. I plan to do better at saving pictures this year. Please send your picture to be included in our photo album.

Spread the word and on Saturday snap a picture of yourself in a SHC shirt and submit it to us.

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