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At 10:00 on Monday, September 18 we had a hearing with the Moshannon Valley Council of Governments to request a variance for the commercial fire suppression system in the new lodge. The Houtzdale Municipal Authority could not provide the 500 gallon per minute that we needed in case of a fire, so we needed another option. 

It was a small meeting with a total of 10 people in the room. There were four people on the council, and also a secretary, and a court reporter.   In the audience there were four people. There were three people including our architect representing Servant’s Heart Camp. The final person in the audience was the Plan Reviewer and Master Code Professional building inspector. He is one of the final authorities on stamping our building permit. It seemed obvious to me that he was one of the most respected people in the room.  Early in the meeting he made a comment that although it did not meet the official code, he thought we were proposing a very acceptable alternative.  That was a huge blessing.

We left the meeting feeling positive but without a final answer. That afternoon, we received documentation from the Moshannon Valley Council of Governments accepting our request for the variance. They did make a few minor stipulations, but it was still an outstanding decision for us.

A special thank you to those that prayed for this meeting.  We heard of some people that set their alarms on their phones to remind them to pray at 10:00. Thank you for your prayer support.

This is a major hurdle for us and saves a HUGE amount of money and allows us to move forward.


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  1. Mary Anne Heisey

    We are thrilled to learn of this great victory for the ministry. Praise the Lord.

  2. Bill White

    Praise God! Great things He is (STILL) doing!

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