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Spring Work Retreat

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Next weekend (Thursday, May 11 through Saturday, May 13) is our annual spring work retreat.  During that weekend we set up the tents, games, chapel, and lots of other jobs in preparations for summer camp.  We also do some work that is not specifically for summer camps but needs to be accomplished.  We provide all the tools with the exception of chainsaws.  We do have some trees that came down in the recent storm.  In addition to the work, we have some great food, fellowship, and some fun activities in the evening.  You can come for one, two, or three days. We provide the food and lodging, and you simply need to show up.  We do, however, need to know that you are coming.  We have heard of some people that apparently are coming but we have not received their registration. If you are planning to come, please go to our website and register no later than noon on Monday, May 8.  Here is the link to register.

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