2022 Projects

For the past few years, when we have shared some projects that we would like to do around the property, many people have helped graciously and generously. As you know, our major project now is the building of our lodge, and we were not sure if we should share other projects this year. We feel, however, that we cannot let other things slide while we wait for the new lodge. Here are a few projects.


For the past ten years we have used a 2007 Polaris Ranger around the property and it gets used very hard. We have been resisting buying a new utility vehicle because of the expense. However, in the past years we have replaced the clutch assembly, rebuilt the engine twice, and replaced a blown head gasket.  In fact, as of this writing the Ranger is not functional and we are waiting for some other parts.  Because a UTV has such a vital role in getting projects done around the camp, we think it is time to step up about 10 years. We have looked at the pros and cons of many vehicles. We would consider a vehicle like shown above that can be easily changed from a two passenger vehicle with a large bed to a four passenger vehicle with a smaller bed. This particular vehicle is a diesel which would provide the workhorse engine that we need. We plan to sell the Ranger and add that money to buy the newer vehicle.

Newer Utility Vehicle – $9,500.

It is a major task to mow and trim each week and the trimmers get used hard. We have some significant issues with two of our gasoline trimmers and it is time to update. We would like to go with some DeWalt 60-volt battery operated trimmers.  We have heard good reports on how they work and they will eliminate some of the issues we have with inexperienced staff running the trimmers.

Dewalt String Trimmers and Batteries – This need has been supplied – Thank you!!

For many years various people have expressed some apprehension about going across the breast of our lake.  We also have some concerns, and are even aware of some close calls.  We have considered putting in standard wooden guard rails, but there have been some obstacles.  If we dig any holes into the breast of the lake, we will need a permit from the Dam Safety Division of the Pa Dept of Environmental Protection. Our new idea uses railroad-style timbers which would be beveled together and secured along the driveway with rods through the timbers and lights in the timbers. This option would eliminate the DEP’s involvement. We believe that this will not only be aesthetically pleasing but will also be a significant safety improvement.  We have photo-shopped some timbers into the picture to give you an idea how it would look. 

Guide Rails along Driveway – $7,000.

When we built our storage shed (currently also used as our chapel), we did not realize how much water comes off the ridge in front of the chapel.  After a hard rain, it is not uncommon for water to seep in under the garage doors and we have a couple puddles of water in the chapel. Of course, it also happens in the winter when the slope freezes and becomes very difficult to navigate.   We would like to lower the slope of the hill and put drain grates in front of the chapel door to prevent the water from entering.

Lower Slope and Install Drain Grates – $2,500.

We are thankful for the activities the Lord has allowed us to have for the campers.  We have, however, realized that we need to have more activities that do not require direct supervision.  This allows our staff to spend more personalized time with each camper.  Before next summer’s camps, we would like to install a Dodgeball Court.  Campers that have played this at other places say it is super fun. We are planning to cut trees to use as the posts, so it will look significantly different than this picture.

Dodgeball Court – $2,100.

We are very thankful for the Lakeglide that the Lord provided.  It is great fun, and the campers love it. We would like to install a small shed beside the Lakeglide tower.  The shed would have a three-fold purpose:
1. It would provide a place to neatly store the harnesses, helmets, trolleys, lanyards, and lobster claws. This would keep the equipment dry and also provide a much more uniform way to inspect the equipment before each use.
2. Sometime ladies like to wear the harness under their skirts, and it is very difficult to modestly and discreetly put the harness under their skirts.  This would give them a place to privately put on their harness.   
3. This shed would be very close to the new playing field and provide a place to store equipment for the summer games.

Shed for Lakeglide – $3,500.

We certainly realize that we have lots of projects in addition to the new lodge.  We are honored that you would consider supporting God’s work at Servant’s Heart Camp.  We originally had several more items on the list but decided to limit the list to the above six items.  If you have any questions, please contact us.