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Nathan and Hannah (Lens of the Harvest) have lots of video footage and they are ready to make a new camp video, but we need your help.  The main thing that makes Servant’s Heart Camp so exhilarating is the transformation of lives that happens through the preaching and teaching of God’s Word.  We need some of you that have been impacted while at Servant’s Heart Camp to share your testimony.  In this case you will not be seen.  You will simply type your concise testimony (10 – 15 seconds) and email it to us.  If we select your testimony to use on the video, we will contact you and see if you want to read it, or if you would like an unknown voice of your gender reading your testimony.  We are looking for campers, pastors, parents, staff, or anyone else that would like to share about how God used the ministry of Servant’s Heart Camp.  In the past months, we have received a good number of notes that with minor modification would be ideal for this video.  We might not be able to use all the testimonies, but we would rather have extras instead of not enough.  Don’t wait for someone else. Why don’t YOU type your 10 to 15 second testimony and send it to us?  Thank you!

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