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$100,000 Matching Gift

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We kicked off the fundraising for our new lodge with the two banquets this past spring.  We are humbled at the way so many people gave in a very sacrificial way.  We currently have about $250,000 to put toward the lodge.  That does not include the pledges that will come in over the next six months.  Although that is a small portion of what we need, it has been very encouraging to see the way many people have given to this project. Each week we are seeing the numbers slowly climb.  The last Saturday in August  we received a call that an organization would like to provide a $100,000 matching gift.  For every dollar that we can raise up to $100,000, they will match it dollar for dollar.  So, if you give $50 they will match it and your total impact for the project would be $100. If you give $1,000 they would match it and the total impact of your gift would be $2,000.  Of course, larger gifts would have an even larger impact.  In a follow-up email , they asked how long we would need to raise the money.  At our recent board meeting , we decided to tell them that we would like to raise the money by December 31, 2021. From September 10 through December 31 any gift that is designated toward the lodge will be doubled, up to $100,000.   Please pray with us that these funds would be provided as this will be a really encouraging boost to the lodge project.


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