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Spring Work Days

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Wow, what a weekend!  This was our spring work weekend, and it was a super neat time of hard work and invigorating fellowship.  We had lots of people come to work that had never been at camp before this weekend.   We had people from Indiana, Connecticut, Tennessee, and Michigan.  Our three summer staff members from North Carolina also arrived today.  We were able to accomplish LOTS of projects including setting up three additional tents so that we can keep the teams somewhat separated.  We believe that we are meeting the guidelines of the CDC and ACA without hampering the camp experience for the campers this summer.  THANK YOU to each one that helped to work.  You were a huge blessing!

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  1. Kaleb Vaughn

    It was certainly a great weekend. I enjoyed the opportunity to work and fellowship, this past weekend. Praying a lot for y’all this summer.

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