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Significant Check

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This week we received a very significant check. No, it was not a million dollar check to put toward the lodge, but it was significant in another way.
This spring I visited a man in a State Correctional Institute. Once again, I listened to the details of his story. I am very convinced that this man is innocent of what he was convicted.
Even since the conviction, you would think that he was a brother to Job that we read about in the Bible. It seemed that when things could not get worse, they did.
During that visit he told me that he was closer to the Lord than ever in his life. He continued to tell me that if this is what God needed to do to bring him to this point he was glad it happened.
Here is a portion of his letter – “God has laid it upon my heart to start sending part of my offering to your ministry every month. So enclosed is my monthly offering for October. My prayer over my offering is that God will bless it in great ways and the He will be given all praise and honor.”

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