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The Gift of Camp

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Baseball bat? Clothing? Some new electronic gadget? Fancy backpack? Maybe we should just give cash. But that seems so impersonal . . . Have you ever had these thoughts as you considered what to get your children or grandchildren for Christmas? Perhaps, you should give the gift of camp. A week or weekend of camp can not only be a super highlight for a junior or teen, but it can also be life-changing. You could not only give this gift to children, but you could also give the gift of camp to your husband or wife. Your husband or wife would simply love to get away to the Men’s retreat or Ladies’ retreat. Perhaps, you could give the entire family the gift of family camp.
If you would like to give the gift of camp, contact us with the camper’s name, the camp that you would like to send them, and the amount that you would like to give. We will send you a Christmas decorated gift certificate. If your amount is $100. or over, we will also send you a travel mug to wrap with your certificate. If the camp you are buying is only $90. (for example) the extra $10. will go toward the cost of the mug. What a great idea! If you have any questions, please contact us. ( or 814-497-4100)

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