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Name for our Road

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This summer when I called 911, I was on the phone almost 6 minutes. A good portion of that time, I was trying to give directions to the camp. Since camp, I called Clearfield County to try and get a valid 911 address. I was told that to avoid confusion, we should name the private road into our camp. On Tuesday evening of this week, I am scheduled to go to the Ramey Borough council meeting to take the first step in getting a road name. It was suggested that I would take three possibilities, and I need your help! Do you have any good suggestions for a spiritual or “campy” road name?

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  1. Haasz family

    What a great opportunity! We came up with Victory Lane, Romans Road, or Lakeview Trail.

  2. Holly Owens

    I suggest, “Romans Road.” Though I noticed someone else said it too.

  3. Shirley Clarke

    I know it is too late, but I like Emmaus Road.

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