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New – Staff Evangelist

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A few months ago, we talked to Evangelist Dan Brubaker about the possibility of partnering with us in the ministry. We are thrilled and excited that he has consented to be our staff evangelist for 2015. His responsibilities will include helping with staff training, promoting SHCM, preaching for various activities and helping with an assortment of other projects. During 2015 he is scheduled to preach at four different SHCM events: Teen Retreat II (February 5-7 at Timberwind Lodge), the annual Youth Rally (April 18 at Calvary Independent Baptist Church in Quarryville, PA), Teen Camp III (July 20-25), and Junior Camp III (July 27-31).
We have had the opportunity to watch Dan grow through his teen years, live a consistent Christian life, marry Elizabeth, and begin his evangelistic ministry. Elizabeth is a lovely and godly helpmate to Dan and his ministry, and the Lord has blessed them with two delightful children.
If your church would like to have a vibrant young evangelist with a consistent Christian life and godly standards, I would encourage you to consider this couple. I am confident that they would be a blessing to you and your ministry. Dan and his family are distinctively conservative in their music, dress, and overall lifestyle. They are a breath of fresh air in this world of shifting and compromise. For more information about Dan Brubaker check our website here or visit Dan’s Site at

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