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The Tents Went Up

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Wow, I realize that it has been “forever” since I gave an update on the events of SHCM.

Let’s start with today (Thursday, May 16). It was the first day of our scheduled work days for this month. Although the group was smaller than I hoped, the work accomplished was outstanding. Much work was done on the next cabin. The siding was finished on the outside and the flooring is almost finished. The dining tent was set up and the SS tables cleaned. The game tent was set up and it is now ready to move all of our games into the tent. Both shower tents were set up and the shower curtains hung. In addition to all that, some downed trees were cutup and brush cleaned up. If you would enjoy helping with the many remaining work projects, it is not too late to give us a call. We provide all your food and a cabin if you want to stay overnight.

Some of you know the challenges we experienced getting our permits approved. Our engineers submitted the first application to the DEP not realizing that we had “exceptional value wetlands.” Those permits were obviously denied because we had planned to go to through the wetlands. After we found a new route for the utilities, the engineers submitted a new permit. That permit was approved, but we realized that the plan did not show one of the sewer lines. The engineers submitted the third application for the installations and after months of waiting it was finally approved. About two weeks after the permits were approved by the PA DEP, the US Army Core of Engineers called our engineers to inform them that they were nullifying our permits because the PA DEP did not send the plans to the US Army Core of Engineers for approval. Finally, after another few weeks of waiting, we have our permits reinstated. We think that we are getting very close to being able to start the utilities. We need to have our “Planning Module” approved before we start. The permit has already been signed by the Ramey Borough and Gulich Township. After Muddy Run Sewer Authority signs the document it will be submitted for approval. We are told that it will take between six weeks and nine months for this approval. We are getting close!

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