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Youth Rally

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On April 27, 2013, First Baptist Church in Lebanon is hosting the annual youth rally. There will be games, food, quizzing, fellowship, and outstanding preaching from God’s Word. Evangelist Ron Degarde (pictured above) is our special speaker.

Although the rally does not begin until 5:00, the day will start at 1:00 with approximately 15 teams participating in the final quizzing for the 2013 season. Throughout the afternoon the top five teams will be determined, and they will go into a double elimination tournament. The final quizzes (about ½ hour) for the 2013 championship will be held during the rally that Saturday evening. The rally concludes at 8:30.

If you are a teen within driving distance of First Baptist in Lebanon, I would encourage you to attend. If you would like to attend or would like additional information, please contact the camp or Pastor Anglea at First Baptist.

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