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Winter Retreats

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Each year, we look for a new theme for our teen winter retreats. Near the end of July, Nathan was at Ollie’s (good stuff cheap) and saw large packs of heavily discounted fireworks. From that observation, the ideas began to flow . . . think of all the things you could do with fireworks and sparklers for a winter retreat!! Why don’t you come and be part of that great fun. Oh yes, don’t forget to pray for snow. We need the snow for the snowballs.

The retreats are scheduled for February 7 – 9 and February 14 – 16. Hopefully in the near future we will be able to have our winter retreats on our own property, but again this year, we will have the retreats at the Timberwind Log Cabin Lodge. If you are a teen in the 7th through 12th grade, why don’t you join us for a great time of physical, emotional, and spiritual refreshment? For more information Click here.

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