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Work Days (September 14 & 15)

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Our men’s retreat this weekend (September 7 & 8) is our last scheduled camp or retreat on the property for this year. After the last retreat there is a significant amount of work that remains to be accomplished. All the games in the game tent need to be transported to the shed. The game tent, dining tent, and two shower tents need to be packed up until next year. The canoes, kayaks, life vest, batting cage, and slackline also need to be packed away for the year. In addition to those tasks there is also some carpentry, electrical, chain sawing, and backhoe work that should be finished. If you would enjoy a good time of fellowship, why don’t you consider joining us on September 14 & 15 for some work projects. You can even take some time to enjoy the lake, woods, trails, or the 3D archery course. We provide your food and lodging. You simply need to let us know that you are coming.

Are you wondering how the picture is applicable to the work weekend? Well . . . I am not sure either, but I am thankful for all the extra work that Mrs. Fry helps with around the property. She is more than just a cook! Proverbs 18:22 is very true.

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