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Saving for Camp

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Yesterday, I had the opportunity to fill the pulpit for Pastor Beard in Luthersburg. He had surgery on his neck this past week and was unable to preach. I taught the adult Sunday school class, presented the ministry of Servant’s Heart Camp in the morning worship service, and preached again on Sunday evening. After the morning service, Mrs. Beard invited us for Sunday dinner. After dinner Jared and Caleb showed me their special pickle jar. They are saving every available dollar hoping to accumulate enough money to come to camp next summer. Two years ago their family came to family camp, but they have never been to junior camp. They are very excited about coming to junior camp.

Their excitement about coming to camp renewed my excitement. I love to see juniors and teens coming to camp and having the time of their lives. Most of all, however, I love to see young people making life changing commitments. Although I want campers to have great fun, I never want fun to be the ultimate goal at Servant’s Heart Camp. We want to make our weeks of camp worth every dollar that is accumulated in that pickle jar both physically and spiritually.

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