Last evening, Faith had a men’s fellowship activity. It is usually a good time of eating, fellowshipping and a challenge from God’s Word. Last night after the challenge, they wheeled in a Craftsmen tool chest. I was chatting and not really paying attention to the guys at the door. About that time they asked if I would come forward for a presentation. I soon learned that the men of the church realized the need for SHCM to have some additional tools and a place to store them. I was overwhelmed as I admired the beautiful tool chest with non-skid rubber in each drawer and a heavy rubber mat on the top work surface. As I opened each drawer, I found lots of Dewalt tools including an impact driver, drill, flashlight, and reciprocating saw. In addition to the power tools, there was also a pruner, wonderbar, a fancy UT knife, WD40, and duct tape.
I trust that these tools will be used in the background of the camping ministry to impact lives for eternity.
I understand that some folks from Grace and Truth also helped with this project. I was overwhelmed as I realized the sacrifice and support of my peers. Thank you for your support. It is sincerely appreciated.

Another Cabin Under Roof

On Friday morning, a work team from Yorkanna arrived at the property. They began working on the block foundation of the 2nd cabin. Their goal was to have the cabin under roof by the time they left on Saturday evening. They worked feverishly and long hours to meet that goal. By about 8:30 on Saturday evening they finished the sheeting on the cabin. I know that many men arrived home very tired late Saturday night.
You can click here to see some pictures of the weekend.
A very special thank you to each person that labored so tirelessly. It was a real blessing.