Mrs. Fry’s New Kitchen

On Sunday, Ken Estep asked if we could use a triple sink and a SS serving table. We picked up the equipment at 7:00 Monday morning and took it along to the property that evening. Mrs. Fry decided that she would like to put the SS table to immediate use. She has already prepared scores of meals over the open fire, but now she has a nice work area to prepare the food.


Last Monday evening, we found a backhoe listed on Craigslist. On Tuesday morning, Nathan went and looked at the hoe. As he traveled home, we chatted on the phone, and he described the hoe as the best that we have seen within our budget. That afternoon, I put a bank check in the mail with overnight delivery. They received the check on Wednesday and loaded the hoe. By 7:30 Thursday morning, the backhoe was on the property, and we were using it to dig stumps by 8:00. The unit is working great. We dug lots of stumps and cleared a large section for the new storage shed. Click here for pictures.