This past Saturday morning, I received a call from Joe Wisner. He was at an auction and saw a John Deere 2030 with a front-end loader. I made a few calls about that model tractor, but I was told that we would not be able to buy that tractor with the amount we had budgeted. I did call Joe back and told him how high he could bid. a few hours later, he called back and told us that we bought a tractor. It was even $500.00 less that our budget number. To God be the glory! We are anxious to get the tractor on the property and put it to work. We have a 10 acre field that needs mowed and a lot of brush to be cleared.

Rails to Trails

Although First Energy (the power company) told us that we may have extreme difficulties getting approval to cross the Rails to Trails, this week God answered our prayers. The Houtzdale Rails to Trails gave us approval to cross the trail with our utilities. The cost will be $200.00 per year. It is not exactly what we were hoping for, but we are thankful that it was not higher. We are still awaiting approval from the other land owner. The Rails to Trails borders almost the entire western side of the property. It will be a great place for hiking and biking. This is a picture of the Houtzdale Rails to Trails.