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Update on Debi Pride
New Speaker – Julie Hixon


Here is an email we recently received from Debi.

“I am writing this email to all I am scheduled to speak for September through January.

Our family made a decision yesterday to discontinue further chemotherapy for my husband, Tom, who has been diagnosed with lymphoma. He has eight inoperable tumors in the left hemisphere of his brain. The doctors estimate he has 2-6 months left to live.

Tom has been my greatest supporter with speaking as God opens opportunities. I will definitely continue with this ministry in the future for as long as I’m able to do so. Right now, however, I believe the Lord would have me focus my attention on ministering to my dear husband until the Lord takes him home. This means we need to seek God’s leading for a plan b for the fall meetings. If Tom should pass away before the scheduled meetings, I would be happy to come as planned, but because we have no way to know how things will unfold, it may be wise to cancel, reschedule or enlist someone to take my place. I do have a dear friend who is able to speak in my place if you should like a suggestion.

I will await to hear from each one of you and will trust whatever way the Lord directs.

You may be interested in catching up on events concerning Tom as they unfold here in California at

Thank you for your kind understanding in this matter. I know how hard it is to make last minute changes with a major event and don’t take that imposition lightly. I am praying for each of you as you seek to know the Lord’s will.”


Our replacement speaker is Julie Hixon. She is a very gifted Sunday School teacher at Ambassador Baptist Church. We believe you will appreciate her ministry.



  • For ladies age 18 and older
  • SHCM believes that children are a gift from God. We love to minister to them during Teen, Junior, and Family Camps. However, we ask that you do not bring your children to this retreat, but come and enjoy the fellowship of other ladies.
  • Registration is at the Timberwind Lodge on Thursday, October 26 from 6:30-7:30 pm, and the retreat concludes on Saturday, October 28 at 4:00 pm.
  • Retreat includes a snack on Thursday evening, 3 meals and a snack on Friday, and a brunch and afternoon meal on Saturday.
  • Lodging Options:
    • Room with queen size bunk bed and private bath (four ladies may request this room but registrations must come in the same envelope) The cost is $110.00 per person
    • Large spacious bunk room with seven double bunk beds. Bathrooms in same room – The cost is 95.00 per person
    • Small room with five single bunk beds. Bathroom around the corner – The cost is $90.00 per person
  • What to bring: Bible, pen, sleeping bag or appropriate bedding, pillow, towel, washcloth, personal items, clothes for outdoor activities.
    Note: If you have not made arrangements with a bunk mate, please bring a sleeping bag and not sheets.
  • Dress: In order to maintain modesty and consistency, we ask that you abide by the following standards while at the retreat: All skirts or culottes must cover the knee. Although loose fitting slacks may be worn for activities during the day, we ask each lady to wear a skirt for the evening rally. Please do not wear any low or tight tops.             * All attire should represent a clear Christian testimony.
  • Lost & Found: Lost items not requested within one week after camp will be appropriately donated or discarded.
  • Questions: If you have any questions about this retreat or any other camp sponsored by Servant’s Heart Camp Ministries, please contact us by phone (717-808-7992)

These retreats are held at the Timberwind Log Cabin Lodge


Timberwind Log Cabin Lodge













Timberwind’s Fireplace Room












Timberwind’s Dining Room










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