Joyful Heart Conference

Filled to Capacity

We sincerely apologize to those of you that were looking forward to coming to the Joyful Heart Conference on March 19. Many will be able to enjoy the entire day including the luncheon.  Some will need to buy their lunch at a local restaurant.   Unfortunately, we have reached our maximum capacity for chairs for the workshops and comfortable seating in the auditorium. We are sorry!

Joyful Heart Ladies Conference

“…and your heart shall rejoice, and your joy no
man taketh from you” John 16:22

March 19, 2022

A special day for ladies 16 and older*

The day includes:

    • Bible teaching sessions with Tonia Flanders
    • Luncheon
    • Workshop Options
    • Skits
    • Special Music
    • Door Prizes
    • Camp Store opportunities


 9:30 am – 4:30 pm

Registration begins at 9:00 AM

* Although we do love babies and children and have camps that include
the entire family, this conference is only for ladies that are 16+

Recently, Tonia Flanders, our scheduled speaker for the Joyful Heart Conference has told us that she would not be able to make it to the Conference. Unfortunately, her husband (Evangelist Rick Flanders) has had a very difficult last year that included COVID, multiple broken bones, and back surgery. At this point, she feels that she needs to stay by his side and provide the care that he needs.
We are pleased that Karen Shaw is now scheduled to be at the conference.

Karen Shaw was born and raised in West Virginia. She and her husband Robert have been married for 51 years and have served the Lord together for 46 exciting years in church planting in Ohio for over 23 years, then as an assistant pastor and college professor for over five years, then pastoring back in Ohio until he stepped down in 2015 for health reasons. They have still been very active in ministry with speaking in Mission Conferences, Couples Retreats, pulpit supply, and interim pastoring in two separate ministries. They are currently serving at Fellowship Baptist Church in Fairmont, WV. They have three children and 16 wonderful grandchildren. Although trained as a Registered Nurse, her love is ministry and hospitality.
Next to her sweetheart, she loves spending time with her grandchildren, playing games and making memories.

Although this is a Servant’s Heart Camp event, it is being hosted by Faith Bible in Mount Joy.

 A special “Thank you” to Faith!Faith Bible Church

Faith Bible Church
2075 Harrisburg Ave.
Mount Joy, PA 17552

Here are a few pictures from the 2021 Joyful Heart conference

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$18/person registered by March 4
$23/person registered after March 4
Lunch is included in the price for the first
200 ladies to register! We will deduct $5 off
the price for each lady registered beyond the
first 200, but they will be responsible for
their own meal at a local restaurant. First
come, first served!

1. Worry
Worry:  Am I concerned or am I consumed? What are God’s instructions in 1 Peter 5 regarding worry?
by Karen Sweitzer

2. Good Clean Fun
Let’s get soapy!  Learn the process of making old fashioned bar soap, liquid soap, fun jelly soap and more.  Learn how to make, package, give and use the soaps you’ll learn how to make. We’ll dive right in and get our hands….. CLEAN!
by Misty Beachell

3. A Season of Growth
A Season of Growth – Using your Teen and Single Years Wisely
by Rebekah Shedal

4. Help, Hope, and Healing Amidst Hurt
A hurting heart is more susceptible to bitterness, anger and fear, but as we embrace God’s perspective, we can experience spiritual growth  and a lasting solution to our hurt.
by Bekah Walker

5. Loved with Everlasting Love
God’s love for me is secure and permanent. Although it is deeper and richer than I can comprehend, allowing the light of His love to dwell in my heart will fill and sustain me.
by Melissa Madrid