Bible Quizzing

One Sunday afternoon in January, February and March the quiz teams come together for a time of practice quizzing. Other than some opening remarks and snacks there are no other activities on these Sunday afternoons. On Saturday, April 27, we have a full afternoon and evening of quizzing that also includes games, supper, singing and a challenge from God’s Word.  Dr. Alton Beal is our speaker for that final rally.

2019 Quizzing Schedule
Date Place Time Passage
January 20, 2019 Bible Baptist – New Bloomfield 2:00-4:00 James 1 & 2
February 24, 2019 North Hills Bible – York 2:00-4:00 James 3 & 4
March 24, 2019 Lancaster Independent Baptist – Lititz 2:00-4:00 James 1 – 5
April 27, 2019 Faith Bible – Mount Joy 1:00-8:30 James 1 – 5

1. Quizzing shall be on the King James Version.
2. Each quiz shall consist of 10 questions.
3. After a quizzer has correctly answer three questions (excluding bonus questions), he/she has “quizzed out” and is eliminated from jumping. The quizzer may be substituted or remain in the quiz to answer bonus questions.
4. After a quizzer makes three errors “Errored out,” he/she is eliminated from answering any future questions (including bonus or sudden victory questions) for that quiz. The quizzer may be substituted.
5. The study material rotation shall be as follows
A. 2015 – Galatians
B. 2016 – Ephesians
C. 2017 – Philippians & III John
D. 2018 – I & II John
E. 2019 – James
F. 2020 – I Peter

1. Each team shall have a minimum of three members.
2. One or more substitutes may also be part of the team.
3. All quizzers shall be in the 7th through the 12th grade during the quizzing year.
4. A quizzer may quiz one additional year after he/she has graduated from high school if he/she meets all of the following three criteria:
A. They are not older than 18 years old at the time of the final quizzing and rally.
B. They have not already quizzed six years in the SHCM quiz program.
C. They have not already quizzed on the scheduled book for that year.

1. During the “practice” quizzing, coaches are responsible to turn in a seating to the scorekeeper immediately before each quiz.
2. For the final rally, coaches are responsible to submit a seating assignment to the quizmaster five days before the rally.
3. If on rally day, a coach wishes to change his starting quizzers for a particular quiz, he/she must submit that information in writing to the scorekeeper prior to the start of the quiz.

1. A quizzer does not need to wait for the completion of the question to jump.
2. A quizzer must jump off the chair and proceed toward full stature.
3. A quizzer’s hands may not touch the chair when jumping.
4. A quizzer’s feet may not touch the chair when jumping.
5. If a quizzer’s feet are outside the legs of the chair, they may not be behind the front legs of the chair.

1. A quizzer must satisfactorily complete the question before giving the answer.
2. The quizmaster may allow a quizzer to “go ahead” even if the finishing of the question is not precise.
3. A quizzer may give the answer only after getting the “go ahead” from the quizmaster.
4. A quizzer has only 30 seconds from the time he/she is identified to both complete the question and to give the answer. If a quizzer is actively answering a question the quizmaster may give additional time to finish answering a question or quoting a verse.
5. Answers should be precise and close to the KJ text.
6. Names of God must be exact.

1. After each jump a quizmaster should say “please complete the question” or “go ahead” to allow them to proceed with the answer.
2. The quizmaster will not rule any answer correct until the quizzer is seated, or the 30 seconds have elapsed.
3. If no quizzers jump within ten seconds of the quizmaster’s reading of the question, the quizmaster may proceed to the next question.

1. Twenty points will be awarded for each correct answer.
2. Ten points will be awarded for each bonus question answered.
3. Five points will be deducted for each foul incurred.
4. After the second team error, ten points will be deducted for each error made on the initial jump (excluding sudden victory).
5. Ten points will be deducted for an error on the 10th questions even if the team does not have two errors.
6. No points will be deducted for an error during the sudden victory questions.

Tie Scores
1. In the event of a tie score after the 10th question, one or more sudden victory questions will be given to determine the winner.
2. A quizzer that has quizzed out may return for the sudden victory questions.
3. A quizzer that has errored out may not return for the sudden victory questions.

1. A quizzer can respectfully and politely “challenge” a ruling made by the quizmaster.
2. The challenge must be made only by the quizzer answering the question without any assistance from any other quizzer or coach.
3. The “challenge” must be made after the completion of the ruling of that question. The quizmaster’s ruling is final and cannot be changed after the beginning of the next question.

1. Each team may have one 30 second time-out per quiz.
2. No time-outs may be called after the 9th question.
3. Time-outs are not needed to substitute a quizzer that has quizzed out or errored out.

1. The quizmaster, judges, or scorekeeper may call a foul anytime during the regular quiz and the sudden victory question(s).
2. A foul will be called for any violation of the jumping rules
3. A foul shall be called if there is any behavior by the quizzers, substitutes, coaches or the audience that shows poor Christian testimony.
4. A foul shall be called if there is any talking among the quizzers, substitutes, coaches or the audience from the time the quizmaster calls “question” until he makes a ruling on the bonus question.
5. The audience shall be given one warning before deducting points for a foul.
6. A foul shall be called if a light accidentally comes on after the quizmaster calls “question” but before the first word of the question is given.
7. If a foul occurs after the question has been started, the foul will be called after a ruling on the question is completed.

1. A quizzer may be substituted without a time out.
2. A quizzer must not quiz in different seats during a quiz unless they are replacing a quizzer that has quizzed our or errored out.

1. Quizzers dress should be modest and appropriate.
2. Fellows should wear neat shirts with a collar. Shirts should be tucked in and worn with dress slacks. Hair should be neat and short.
3. Ladies’ skirts should cover the knees when sitting. Slits should not expose the knee when sitting.

For a printable PDF of the rules click here.

Sample Quiz

1. (Reference Question) According the James 5:18, what was done again?
5:18 prayed

2. Quote word perfect James 1:27.
1:27 Pure religion and undefiled before God and the Father is this, To visit the fatherless and widows in their affliction, and to keep himself unspotted from the world.

3. Who should know that faith without works is dead?
2:20 vain man

4. From what may a sinner be converted?
5:20 error of his way

5. With what has faith wrought?
2:22 works

6. From where does the wisdom not descend that is earthly, sensual, and devilish?
3:15 above

7. What is also dead?
2:26 faith without works

8. What does the scripture not say in vain?
4:5 the spirit that dwelleth within us lusteth to envy

9. What is asked about the man that says he hath faith and hath not works?
2:14 can faith save him

10. What wars in your members?
4:1 lusts

Youth Rally

Our annual youth rally is scheduled for Saturday, April 27, 2019 at Faith Bible. For those that are involved in the quizzing, the activities start at 1:00. The actual rally begins at 5:00 and includes games, supper, quizzing finale, singing and a challenge from God’s Word. Dr. Alton Beal is our speaker for this special day.
There is not cost to you, but you must let us know if you are coming. Khakis and skirts are appropriate for this activity. If you have any questions, please contact us.

2019 Pictures
To see a few more pictures of the 2019 Rally, CLICK HERE.