Summer Bed Availability

Recently we sent our March newsletter (The Heartbeat), and I wanted to give an update on camper & bed availability for this summer. Because of the $10,00 discount for registering before April 1, this is the time of the year that we often receive lots of teen & junior camper registrations. Here is an update of how many beds, we have available for each Teen & Junior Camp. This should help you to pick a week that has sufficient availability for your church.

Teen Camp 1 – 3 girls & 9 guys
Junior Camp 1 – 12 girls and 3 guys
Teen Camp 2 – 9 girls and 9 guys
Teen Camp 3 – 20 girls & 15 guys
Junior Camp 3 – 15 girls & 21 guys
Teen Camp 3 – 24 girls and 24 guys


Here is a word of explanation for those of you that are not super familiar with running a backhoe. Typically, we like the wheels to be above the ground and not below the ground. Yes, we did get it unstuck.
We are working on several projects around the camp. If you would like to be involved, our spring work days are May 2-4.