Muscles Needed

On Wednesday, February 16, the engineering firm is scheduled to come and check the perk rate at 9 locations on the property in preparation for designing the storm water management plan. Three holes must be dug at each site for a total of 27 holes. Only 9 of the holes can be dug with power equipment. The other 18 holes must be dug by hand. Apparently, an auger compacts the soils and decreases the perk rate. On that day the mason is also schedule to lay the block for the second cabin, and we are committed to helping mix mud and carry block. In addition, we hope to be working on the framing on the inside of the first cabin on that day.
If you have cabin fever and would like to get out of the house and get some exercise we could provide your needs. It cost money to go to the gym, but you can come to camp for free. Lunch is on us!
They are predicting for Wednesday to be one of the warmest days we have seen in two months. It would be a great day to see the property. If you are able to help on that day, please let us know. Thanks!
Oh yes, I do know how to use a shovel. I just didn’t have a picture of a shovel being used on the property.

The 1st cabin is going up!

In spite of ice, snow, and bone chilling cold, the Lord has allowed the progress of the first cabin to continue. The trusses should be going up this Friday or next Monday.
If you would like to see the progression of some of the buildings, click this link and then click on the picture of the cabin, shed, or home.