Winterized Kitchen

Several of you were concerned about Mrs. Fry’s kitchen. Well, it is now winterized. Ok, it is not exactly winterized, but we were very thankful for the small tent. The rains just kept coming, so Monday evening we all huddled in Mrs. Fry’s kitchen.

Thank You Chad & APM

Several weeks ago we ordered a 30 X 40 pole shed with attic trusses from Chad Fouchie at APM Building Products in Arendtsville, PA. We were debating if we were going to try to build the shed ourselves or if we were going to pay a contractor to build the shed. Although I have never met Chad, he called me earlier this week to tell me that the Lord had burden his heart to put a work team together and come build the shed. This morning he called to tell me that several APM employees would be coming this Thursday – Saturday to build the shed. The management is allowing these fellows to take the days off (with pay) to come an build the shed. The APM employees will be joined by several other contractors with a desire to be a blessing to the ministry. Thank you Chad and each one that will be coming next week and Praise God!