Youth Rally – Bible Quizzing

The second part of an incredible weekend was the youth rally and Bible quizzing.  Although we had half the number of teams that were scheduled to quiz last year before COVID hit, Saturday was an extraordinary day of quizzing, fellowship, food, games, and preaching.  Quiz after quiz was decided on the last question.  The final quiz of the day that determined the 2021 winning team went into the second sudden victory overtime.  I don’t think I have ever seen that happen in the past.  Congratulations to Calvary Independent Baptist who eventually won the final quiz. Dr. Jim closed the day with an outstanding message and a good number of teens responded.  For a few more pictures CLICK HERE.

Shady Maple Banquet

This past weekend was incredible.  It started on Friday evening at Shady Maple as we revealed “The Lodge Project.”  There was energy and excitement in the air as we shared a bit of the amazing history of Servant’s Heart, gave some updates, and revealed the plans for the new lodge.  A very special thanks to each one that came and shared with us that evening.  We had an outstanding offering, and we were encouraged by many dear friends of camp.

For a few pictures CLICK HERE