2020 Work Days

Wow, what a weekend.  This was our scheduled fall workdays, and it was a very special time.  Not only did we get LOTS of work accomplished, but we also had some very encouraging times of Christian fellowship.  The testimonies shared around the campfire on Thursday evening of how several came to the Lord was so exciting that it made we want to shout!  A very special THANK YOU to each one that helped this weekend.

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Thankful Men

Tonight, I am thankful for thankful men.  As the retreat was coming to a close, I was thinking that this was not one of our best men’s retreats.  Although the speaker was excellent, the retreat was smaller, and I wondered if the men were enjoying themselves and learning.  As the men were leaving, however, it was very encouraging to hear so many men share how much they appreciated and enjoyed the retreat.  After hearing the comments, it was an outstanding retreat.  To God be the glory, great things He is doing. 

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