Cabins Cleaned?

Somehow after each retreat the cabins “mysteriously” get cleaned for the next retreat.  I am starting to suspect that my sweet little wife is the one doing it.  THANK YOU dear!   

Serving Tent

Before the summer camp season started, we purchased three inexpensive tents to help us meet some of the COVID social distancing recommendations.  After the summer camp season, we took down two of the tents, but the serving tent we left up for the retreats.  Last evening, however, the storm took down our serving tent and did some minor damage to the dining tent.  We only have the men’s retreat and the work weekend here at camp yet this fall.  We are thankful that the serving tent lasted until now.  As long as we do not have rain, we plan to continue using the serving table right where it is for our next two events. Thankful for God’s perfect timing.