2018 Ladies’ Retreat

Several folks have asked about the dates and location for our 2018 Ladies Retreat. Praise God, we have secured a retreat center to replace the retreat center we have used for many years. The dates for the 2018 Ladies’ Retreat are October 25 – 27. We have reserved Camp Susque which is about 20 minutes north of Williamsport. This facility has a much larger dining room and much smaller bedrooms (four in most rooms). it will give us lots of room to grow until we have our own lodge. Within the next week, we plan to post some pictures of the parts of the facility that we will be using.

Men’s Retreat

I have lots of favorite camps, and the men’s retreat is one of the many favorites. It is a thrill to be with a group of men that are having a great time of fun, eating wonderful food, and sitting under preaching of God’s Word. Mark the dates for 2018. Click here for more info.